Amazing Virtual Services helps entrepreneurs set up a solid financial foundation by managing bookkeeping and tax systems to enable you to focus on growing your business.

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My name is Kathryn Henderson and I am the owner of Amazing Virtual Services.

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to build the business of their dreams, means being fully committed to aligning our businesses ethically with a solid pathway.


I believe in Aligning Your Business with Intentional Living.

Financial Clarity is key.

Not having a tax accountant for a small business can lead to various challenges and pains, including compliance risks, time-consuming-tax related tasks, missed deductions, penalties and fines, stress and anxiety, financial inefficiency and audit vulnerability.

Having a tax accountant on a small business team reduces stress associated with tax compliance, saves time for business owners allowing them to focus on growing their businesses and potentially save the business money by identifying deductions and credits through financial record clarity that may reduce tax liability. My belief is that businesses should pay the taxes they owe, no more no less.

Entrepreneurs go into business to have a better life. Amazing Virtual Services gives you the right tools.

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Service #1

New Tax Prep and Planning Course will launch January 4, 2024

Service #2

Accounting and Tax Offers to suit small business needs.

Service #3

The Money Map 90-Day Mini-Course to help you Map Your Money over the next 90-days.

I highly recommend Amazing Virtual Services. I have been using their services for over 4 years. All the LLC, business franchise setup, and business foundation basics that a business owner needs.

- Anthony Cortino, September 2023


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